5 Hottest Trends That Can Help Your Business

The way business is done has changed so much over the past ten years. Gone are the days of offices filled with papers and phones ringing. We live in an era where more and more people are using the internet to work. Let us look into some of the newest trends that can help out your business.

Team Collaboration Tools

Whether you’re having a good virtual assistant working from the other side of the globe or weather the whole office loves to be in sync team collaboration tools are the way to go. There is an array of options to choose from, from free to premium. Depending on the size of your business you can choose and most of the options available are easily customisable.


What if you don’t want to worry about the mundane office work. There are a whole bunch of BPO companies in Philippines which makes work that much easier. From tasks such as scheduling appointments to being a separate customer inquiry division, these companies have your back. Furthermore having specialized in back-end business work these services are performed in a much more efficient way than you could do on your own.

Social Media

More and more businesses are getting on social media. Not only is it cheaper and easier than conventional advertising, social media can have the ability to portray a business in a more personal way. The fact that our generation spends more time on social media as opposed to reading newspapers and watching TV this gives more probability to exposure.

Online Marketplaces

You don’t need to limit your customer base yo your geographical area. Thanks to online marketplaces or the ability to start your own e-commerce site the whole world is now your market. Paired with mailing and courier services you can sell your products to anyone anywhere. If your business is a service based business utilize the new forms of communication and use some creativity to explore how you can serve more people.


The most commonly used and most underrated piece of technology. When emails first came to the scene it revolutionised how business is done. To this day it has not lost its grip on our world. Use emailing as an effective way or marketing and stay in touch with your stakeholders. It’s easy and effective.I’m sure by next year a whole lot of newer and better trends will emerge to help businesses. Always be on the lookout for these new tools because they can vastly improve the quality of your business and give you more time to do the things you love.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Office Property

The place that you work in is going to be your home for a considerable portion of time of the day. Therefore, feeling homely in this particular place is one of the most important things that you need to consider before starting to work. Similarly, it is also important for you, if you are an employer, to pick such a venue which will make your employees comfortable and at ease. In such a case, you need to keep a close eye on the property that you will be purchasing for this purpose. The below conditions are mandatory to be met in order to ensure the positive feedback of everyone that is involved in your workplace.


As you may already be aware, no matter what property that you are purchasing, one thing that anyone would be looking for is the location. Therefore, you need to be well aware if this particular location is going to be convenient to all those who will be working within. Not only that, but it needs to be easily accessible for your stakeholders in order to engage in business activities without any hassle. Everyone is searching for convenience nowadays, and you are expected to provide it, no matter what.


Doing business may be your area of expertise. Therefore, you would be aware on how to make the necessary deal with the owner of the Quarry Bay office rental that you are hoping to purchase very soon. Especially if the property is going to be leased or rented, it is highly important that the owner is easy to deal with, as you are hiring is for official purposes and would hope to carry out business activities without any interruption whatsoever. However, the best option will be to purchase a property for this purpose rather than the two other options presented earlier.


You may be paying an great industrial office rent every month on a property that is not even worth looking at. Therefore as a responsible businessman/businesswoman, you need to first look at all the options available and ensure that the final decision is taken wisely. One of the most important factors to consider here is the useful life of the property. You cannot carry out business activities and in a building that is about to collapse or is going to take a fortune to refurbish.

Final decision

Although this is the final decision, it is rather crucial for the wellbeing of your business for a long time to come. Therefore, making the right choice of property will play a significant role in the success of your business. Therefore, it is highly important for you to consider the above factors such as location, owner and lifetime before getting into an agreement to use it for a considerable amount of time.

Benefits Of Corporate Gift Giving

Corporate gift giving can be done internally to your employees and externally to your new or most loyal clients. Corporate gift giving will showcase a sense of value that you place on the people around you. As an employer, you need to keep your employees and external stakeholders satisfied so that they stay local to you for the years to come. So here are some of the benefits of it.

  • Build company moraleA company’s success depends on its people, be it its employees or external stakeholders and hence the company needs to treat them well. Corporate gifts are a great way to appreciate the best performing employees so that they feel that their work is noticed and valued by top management, which will also motivate them further. These could be gift packs, coupons or much fancy such as trophies, medals etc. Gifts to shareholders are also important to retain their investment and trust.
    • Build brand imageBrand recognition is essential when it comes to maintaining good customer relationships. If you are known as a good brand in the market, no customer will think twice to build a corporate relationship with you. They will recommend you to outsiders with no hesitation and help increase sales in the process. With such a strong customer base, you could even market your products internationally.
      • Save moneyMost companies ignore corporate gift giving as they view it as a huge unnecessary cost. Little do they know that they might actually save some money. Corporate gifts are a great way to advertise your company at a low cost, while also building good relationships with your customers and employees. For example, when you gift them long lasting products that are visible to others, each time they use it, it will remind them and anyone around them about your company. Well, spending a few bucks at the trophy shop from Melbourne did well to you after all.
        • Attract new clientsWho wouldn’t like gifts? Be it a USB drive, pen holder, gift pack or free coupons; people usually like anything free. When you provide corporate gifts to your existing clients, the others too would like to do to business with you, creating new clients. They will know how much well you treat your loyal customers and hence be happy to build a corporate relationship with you. For example, if at a trade show you distribute a few gifts at the entrance, they would have something in hand that would remind them of you and hence swing by your stall to see what you are all about.