Presents For The Bookworms And Writers In Your Life

Writers and bookworms are a very unique set of people to have in your life. They are creative and thoughtful and focused while also having an eye for the finer and more subtle things in life. Picking a present for one of them the fore needs to be equally thoughtful if it is to make an impact and come of use for them. Here are some great present ideas for them that you can be proud of.


Yes, this one might seem like a why, but the truth is that both bookworms and writers are people who love a good cuppa it could be tea as well. But they will really like the fact that you have gone to the trouble of picking up a good assortment of brewing beverages and also to add in that extra kick you could arrange for a business gifts HK to go with the caffeine selection. A good quality percolator, some really great beans and tea assortments are all great ideas to throw in that bundle you are making for them.

WordPress Themes

Costing you anywhere between a forty to a hundred dollars, this is a great way to help out your loved ones who are interested in writing while giving them some much needed help as well. A good premium theme on their wordpress blog is a great and classy present idea and has that human touch that can sometimes be lacking when it comes to USB gifts. It does not really have to be a surprise either. You can actually ask your friend or loved one about what they would prefer in terms of a premium theme and get them what they want, that way, you know you are getting exactly what they need. Just make sure that it suits the needs of them be it personal or business alike.

Mediation Class Memberships

This is a unique present and is much better than giving them a standard one. A good yoga intensive class membership for a beginner (depending on whether they have done this before) is a good way to enhance their writing abilities and burn through any writer blocks that they may be facing. Writing takes up a lot of thinking power and energy so this will be the ideal way in which they can really refresh and produce premium quality content. It will also be the best option for relaxation that they have if they happen to be doing their writing in addition to pulling a full-time job and housework, which is usually the case.

Getting Noticed As A Designer

If you are someone that has a talent for designing great clothes, you should serious consider having some of your designs made and displayed online for sale. You do not have to have a lot of money to launch your own brand as you can work online to build up the momentum and create interest in your brand and then work from there.

Create an online persona for your brand

There is a big difference between launching a clothing store and launching a fashion brand. With a clothing store, you will simply study the demand and provide customers with affordable clothing that meets that demand. There are hundreds of stores like this out there and you will have a lot of competition because customers will simply go for the cheaper option between you and your customer. Regular clothing stores will simply spend the little money they have in sticker printing to print fifty percent off stickers and banners along with “sale” banners because their goal is to make people walk in based on the price that they are selling the clothes at. Their target market will be everyday working people who look for clothes that they need for everyday life.With a fashion brand, you are targeting customers who are looking to be “in vogue” and those who are looking to create an impression when they walk in to a room, a desire for which they are willing to spend a lot of money.

In this case, you will have to invest big money in everything from cheap invitation printing to store design because you need to make people feel important when they walk in to your store and by buying your brand, you need to give them confidence to face the world. The first thing you will need to do is to have a nice logo designed that is unique, eye catching and speaks for itself. Your logo will play a bigger role for your brand that your designs will which is why it is vital that you pay attention to your logo design. While your logo is being created, you can have a Facebook page and an Instagram page created for your brand and you can have a few sneak peeks of your designs displayed there in order to create curiosity for your brand. Your goal should be more than getting someone to coming across a dress you designed randomly, falling in love and buying it. Your goal should be to create a brand that people seek after and come looking for.